Wow!  Has it already been 8 months since I brought this cutie home?

Sorry, couldn't pick which one to add so I just added them all!!!

Here is is at 8 months....a bit tougher to capture on film!!!  Ha!  She does not want to sit still at all.  And she doesn't want to wear her bow.  She would much rather eat it!!!

She is so fun right now!  Her little personality is really starting to shine through.  She is extremely observant.  She is also very active as most of her pictures include at least one limb as a blur, ha!

She has some forward movement but she hasn't officially began the crawl.  Its coming though.  We have babyproofed most of the house so we are ready for it!!!

She loves playing with her toys and plays a lot more on her own now, just exploring her toys.  She is eating much more than she used to.  We have a superfood recipe we got from a friend that includes all her nutrients but we are still playing around with how many prunes to add, if you know what I mean!  

She still loves to turn pages in books and she has recently REALLY discovered taggies.  She loves to eat them.  She pretty much eats everything now!  Just today, she was playing on the floor in the kitchen as I was washing dishes and starting dinner in the crockpot and it got really quiet.  Funny how at 8 months it already sets off an alarm in my head if I don't hear her.  I turned around and she is licking, yes, licking the trash can.  Luckily, we wipe the outside so its not gross, but still!  She is just straddling the trashcan, leaned up on it and licking away.  

She also pulled up today for the first time.  We have some (low) sideways shelves in the playroom and she grabbed them and pulled on up.  It was crazy!  She loves to crawl up on us and will sometimes get on her feet but she is generally still leaned all the way over.  This was the first time she was upright and got up.  Yikes!

Nursing is still going well.  I am pumping at work and so far, I am still able to keep up with demand.  I also make about 1-2 ounces more than what she needs.  So, even if she goes through another growth spurt for more liquid calories, I could hopefully keep up!

I love her laugh.  I love the way her face lights up when she sees me, whether it is when I pick her up after school or if she has just been playing with toys and she looks up at me.  My heart just melts.  These last few months have been incredible!!!

She loves to interact with Boone and with other babies.  She loves faces, balloons and she still goes crazy in any parking lot when she sees the light poles.  Seriously, its hilarious!!!

I had to change out her clothes sizes again and that is always a bit sad.  Especially some of her little sleepers!  When I pack them away it just reminds me of all the little times we snuggled in them.  Tear.

I guess that is about all for now.  I will just add some pictures of her from the last 8 months for fun!!!