I just realized that we never put all our ultrasound pics up on here.  I posted them to facebook but haven't shared them here on the blog.  I also saw somewhere that I should blog about the first ultrasound so here goes!

We found out we were pregnant 1 week and 1 day before we went to Scotland.  So, on top of post-planning at school for both of us, packing and getting things we needed for the trip, we were also trying to meet with family and some friends to share the news.  We knew we would be sharing with some folks in Scotland and we really wanted to share before we left so we could do it in person.  We actually really wanted to go public but it was just too soon.  Busy last week!!!  I also called my OB and told them I was pregnant and they wanted to schedule my first US for week 7, which is typically when you have your first one.  When I told them I was going to be in Scotland until week 12 they decided to go ahead and have me come in.  So, in I went.  They confirmed that I was pregnant and even wanted to do an US but we couldn't see anything.  Which is typical for how far along we were.  No worries from us and then we were off to Scotland.

We told the people we were living with that we were pregnant ("NO FRIES"---funny joke for James and Jenny) because it just helped explain certain things and then we announced to the Dunfermline Link (the church) when I shared my testimony and that was really fun.  But then we had to add, by the way, its not public at home yet, so if you could NOT write anything on facebook, that would be great!  And everyone kept our secret, that was great!!!  We were over there for about 6 1/2 weeks and were coming back on July 11th (Happy birthday Nicole!) and the OB wanted my appointment for the 12th but I wasn't sure if we would be back in Athens and/or how jetlagged we might be (not much coming this way, yeah!).  So, our appointment was scheduled for the 13th.

The closer I got, the more nervous I started to fell.  Was I really pregnant?  Sure, I had missed 2 periods (sorry if thats too much info for the internet!) which is crazy for me, I had morning sickness and was starting to sprout what would become a little bump (during the third month it is just known as "waist thickening"- ha!) but was I really pregnant?  Before we left, they confirmed it just from the pee in a cup test but we had not seen anything.  I was so excited about going to the doctor too, just also nervous.

We got there and they did the ultrasound right away and here is what we saw first:

How wonderful to see!!!  And look how big the baby is.  Keenan (and even me a little bit, though I had been reading my book and knew how big the baby would be) was shocked at how much of a baby it looked like!!!  AND, the baby was all wiggly and flipping and waved at us.  We saw FINGERS!!!  For real!  All I can say is what a relief.  I just wanted to see that there really was a baby in me, ha!  There sure was.  Heart rate was 174, which is great and baby was measuring about a 1/2 week to 1 week ahead in length.  Hmmmm.....wonder where that could come from, Keen?

Here are a few other pictures we got.  I think the crowd favorite is the one where the baby is either praying/ sucking its thumb.  We hear both of those a lot!

I feel like I could look at these pictures forever!!!  No, we don't really know what the last picture is so if any of you know, we are not too embarrassed to ask!  We are so excited and can't wait to be parents!!  We will find out the gender in less than 3 weeks, ahhh!!  For right now, baby is known as Little Flip, said more like Lil' Flip.  It is what my Granddaddy used to call me when I was little.  If I were to go to his church up in TN, that is what the people there would still call me!  It is a special name that just seemed to fit when we were deciding what to call the baby for now!!!

I am off to the grocery store today and am going to bake some bread and guess what?!?!  My grinder is officially working!!!  I took it to a place called Breadbecker's and they seriously worked some miracles and got it to work.  I think I may be in love with that place!  If any of you are near Woodstock, look them up.  If you are here in Athens, they have a co-op that we can order from here, they deliver it out here to a lady's house in Watkinsville and you just go pick it up.  So, if anyone is interested in getting any products from there, it will save you the gas and time!!!

As we sit inside our home this steamy Georgia Sunday I am reflective on the blessing of a summer this has been.  In addition to the rugged beauty and crisp, cool soul of Scotland, we have indulged in friendships that will long outlast this trip.  We've found a second home, and while we have no intentions of moving away from lovely Athens, it is special to find a place across the ocean inundated with friends who really stand as a sort of family, though distinguished by blood and nationality, united by a singular love for Jesus and a commitment to each others' well being.  Some last thoughts before we write off Scotland '12 as fond memories:

1.) No one should ever despair or apologize for rain -- it is life for all that is beautiful.
2.) Driving on the left side of the road is easy . . . as long as all others are doing so, too.
3.) When you get a chance to climb a mountain, climb it!  But if it's a choice between spending time with the ones you love or embarking on an adventure, always choose the one's you love.
4.) Hold onto memories, and open yourself to making new ones.

Here are some final pictures from our blessed summer (including pics from London):

Tower Bridge

sunny afternoon on the red double-decker bus

Big Ben

In the cavernous cellars of Gordon's - the oldest bar in London

Buckingham Palace

Parliament on the Thames River

"Mind the Gap" while riding the Tube

London Eye

Parliament at night

Pastor Iain Allen & English fan Michael Yarney

Grillmaster Andy Wilson

History buff Struen Yarney & coffee enthusiast Caella Librizzi

Soon-to-be-father Myke Brown & sweet-spirited Sarah Hill

St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh

Lunch with friend Alex Gapud

"Mons Meg" - a 15th Century canon

Edinburgh Castle
While it's nice to be home, I am apt to feel a bit homesick.  I can't help but to look forward to future discussions with Archie, dinners with the Hills, trips to Belfast w/ the youth, prayer with the Turnbulls, Sam Adams w/ James, laughs with the Yarneys, sailing with Neil, cookouts with the Wilsons, marshmallow wars with the Altmans, adventures with the Bridsons, and visits with those we love in bonnie Scotland!  Thank you all over there who might be reading this.  You have eternally blessed all 3 of us; this is a summer that we will not soon forget . . .

12 weeks old and called "Lil Flip" until we learn the sex.

Last weekend we took a road trip into the Scottish Highlands.  Why don't I just show you some pictures:

Scone Palace - where Scottish kings were crowned for centuries

A day driving through the Cairngorms.

In the Cairngorms

We had dinner aboard the Strathspey Steam Railway

I always thought it'd be cool to be a steam engineer.

Dinner aboard the train.

Driving through the Highlands south of Inverness

World War II memorial honoring the Scottish special forces

The memorial w/ Nevis Range in the background.

We spent Saturday driving among all of the beautiful lochs & mountains in the central highlands.

Highland Cow
The Falls of Foyers

Cliffs at Falls of Foyers

Loch Ness

We stayed at a really nice bed and breakfast called Glengary.

The bed & breakfast garden

Sunday lunch along the "Road to the Isles"

"Road to the Isles"