Happy Thursday to all!  I can't believe Easter is only 3 days away!  I am so excited to get to go to our church's Easter service at the pond this year.  We have been out of town for the last 2 years and haven't been able to attend.  And this year, we get to bring our own little bunny!

Outfit was sent to us by Keenan's aunt and uncle-- its so cute!  Here are some fun pics I took real quick this morning!

Look at these darling bunny feet!!!!

And there is even a cute bunny tail on the back!  I love it!

Love the outfit and its just perfect timing!

Its only 4 days until we dare to go on a long journey with out 2 month old- ahhh!  I am trying to make some lists to make sure I bring everything we need.  I know we will forget things, but they have stores down there too!  We are excited for some of Keenan's extended family to get to meet and spend some time with Emilly Anne.  We will be staying with his mom and dad and getting to see his aunt, uncle and grandma!  I can't wait for them to meet/see her!

So, sometimes I am hesitant to write about sleep on here.  I feel like if I write how well its going it might stop- ha!  But, it really just goes back and forth.  Overall- its been wonderful!  Having a bedtime routine has been great!!  We give her a bath, wrap her all up, I feed her and then we put her in the bed awake.  She generally moves for about 10-15 minutes and then is out.  For night sleep, she generally wakes up once and I feed her (anywhere from 2-3am) and then I get up and feed her around 6:30am.  I put her back to bed at this time since its still dark out and she will "talk"/move around for a bit but fall back to sleep and we get up for the day around 8 or 8:30.  Sometimes, though, we put her to bed and she falls asleep around 9pm and she sleeps until 6:30am.  Mommy LOVES that!!

Napping seems to be going better.  Writing down the schedule has been great!  I put her down for her nap awake and she hardly cries anymore- seriously!  Its so great.  This morning, as I was taking her up, she was yawning and I think she fell asleep in about 2 minutes!  Learning her sleep cues has been really helpful.  As I see them, I make a mental note of how much waketime she has had and then I can use that info for the other cycles.  Her naps are stretching out a bit.  That would be nice because then she could maybe just take 3 naps (maybe one extra short one) for the day and right now she takes 4-5 (depending on our wake up time that morning).  She is occasionally making it through the transition and sleeping longer- so I know its coming.  I am just so pumped that I can put her down and her fall asleep.  Just 2 weeks ago, I was still holding her for most naps and as least rocking her to sleep and she spent lots of afternoons cranky and fussy.  She is SO much less fussy letting her sleep on her own.  I guess she really does get better sleep like that!  Ok- enough about naps.  Not as long as they could be- but I am super thrilled with where we are.

I am trying to stay at home as much as I can while we work on her schedule but sometimes I just need to get out.  Today I really need to go to Target and we are going to Westminster for a soccer tailgate later.  I also want to go on a walk but that would pretty much take up all day!!!  And I need to get lots of wash done and start getting things ready for Florida!

Pretty sure she had a mini-squeal today.  That was exciting!!

Got my cloth diapers yesterday and now I am practicing washing them the way I will (yes, it is way more difficult than you would think!).  I know once I start doing it a lot, it will all make sense but just reading directions is so confusing!  Ha!  Now I am just waiting on another bathing suit and Easter dress I ordered for EA.  Hoping it will come today, but it might come tomorrow as well!

I need to get some pics of my jogging stroller in action.  IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!  Can't believe how smooth it is and I LOVE the speakers!  Yesterday, Amelia and I went on a walk and I did an extra little loop so I turned up my Pandora and its was so nice!

Ok, thats all for now!!!

Emily Anne had her 2 month birthday yesterday!  She is growing up so quickly.  She smiles easily and I just love it when she cracks up.  Can't wait to hear a giggle!  She and I do talk right now though.  Her little sounds are so sweet and I just repeat them back to her.  We can go on like this for a few minutes- its great!

Baby girl is still doing great at night-- getting a solid 6-8 hours in straight (Mommy LOVES that!).  Naps are going well, slowly getting a bit longer each day!  She has started batting at one of the hanging rattles on her activity gym.  She is also opening her hands more and more to touch or feel things.  I even caught her looking in the mirror yesterday.  And just today, she started rubbing her eyes like crazy when she was tired.  It was SO cute!  We are finding that if we lay her down on her mat to play like her and the tv is on, she will turn her head as far as she can to watch it.  Really.  We have to turn it off to get her attention back!  Right now she really loves when I sing to her.  I just sing little rhymes and all- her favorite is 5 little ducks.

Current nicknames:  Little Nut (like Little Nutbrown Hare from Guess How Much I Love You), Little Monkey, Little Polar Bear, Baby Girl

I think my favorite time of the day is bath time.  Sometimes she will still cry when I am rinsing her head (not in a week or so though!) or right before I wrap her up in a towel but other than that, she really likes it.  I think she enjoys the warm water and Keen and I both talk and sing to her.  Her favorite bath time song is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  I also LOVE the way her hair is all poofy no matter how well I brush it down while it is wet!

Some things I am loving right now:
-The way she stretches when she wakes up.
-The way she holds onto my shirt when she eats.
-How she cracks up.
-The way she smells.
-Watching her sleep.
-That she likes it when I sing.
-Her "big eye" look.
-How much she loves her daddy-- for real, she can be crying, he walks in the door and looks at her and she breaks into smiles!

We went to the doctor today and got her shots.  She had 3 shots in her legs and 1 she had to take orally.  She did great with the oral shot and quite good with the regular ones.  She cried, of course, but as soon as I picked her up and held her she stopped.  She will probably be a bit cranky tonight but thats just fine!  Here were her birth stats and where she is now:

Height: 20 in./ 23 1/2 in.  (I can tell because she has totally filled out her 3 month clothes!)
Weight: 8 lbs./ 12 lbs. 11 oz  (Whoa!  Baby girl likes to eat---its music to my ears!!)

She is in the 90-95th percentile for both height and weight and the 25th percentile for her head measurements.  Doctor said that everything looked good and that she was doing great!  Here are some 2 months pictures I took yesterday.  Enjoy!!!

 Now, do you notice anything similar in the next pictures?????  Yeah, that is a picture of me from 2 months!  Crazy, right?!?!

I am going to be using my jogging stroller tomorrow, yeah!  Wish I could have used it the last few days but apparently its still winter here in Georgia- ha!  The weather is supposed to get much better and I think it will be very nice this weekend and next week while we are in Florida!

Can you believe that 8 weeks ago (almost at this very moment as I write this), I was giving birth?!?!  Crazy!  I remember having a friend visit in the hospital and her little girl was right at 2 months and I remember thinking how little Emily Anne was compared to her.  And that's where we are now!  I don't really notice how big she has gotten (and we don't have a scale) since I see her every day.  But, Keenan took her on a walk yesterday around the neighborhood and since it has gotten cold again (come on, Spring, where did you go???), we put her in this super cute sheep outfit that some dear friends in Scotland gave to us last summer.  Now, she has worn it before and it was plenty big on her.  Yesterday, it was a struggle to put on!!!!  It still fit but barely.  Barely as in it might not fit tomorrow or at least it won't next week!

Here are some pics from today--sorry so many...actually, I'm not!!!  I can't help but post them all!

She is really starting to get some personality and that is VERY fun!  She just cracks up all the time now.  She is not laughing yet but its almost like she is laughing without any sound!  Its so cute!

She started sleeping in her crib just before 6 weeks and she goes down very well!  Right now she does not consistently sleep through the night but sometimes she does.  The best thing for her has been to unswaddle her arms.  It wasn't that she was just breaking out of it, because I even went and got a special one that had velcro.  She would wake up SO frustrated because she could not move her arms.  For about 4 months she did not stop moving inside me ever, so why would it be any different now??  Once I took her arms out she was such a happy baby!!  Its nice having her arms out at night but it does make it tough for naps because she will move her arms and as soon as they touch the mattress, she jerks them up and it ends up waking her up!

Naps are going ok.  I have been writing down my schedule all day to help see consistencies and to see what works well for her.  I am noticing that she is not able to transition yet in her sleep cycle during the nap so she tends to wake up around 30 minutes (seriously, to the minute!) but I know once she can self soothe she will transition just fine, so no worries!  If she sleeps, she sleeps, if not, oh well!  Its a lot easier to handle things during the day when I am getting a little more sleep at night.  Its mostly just tough because then she wakes up and she is still tired so when I feed her she wants to sleep and she gets overtired much easier by the time she goes back down for a nap.  But, its trial and error-- we will figure it out together!!

The hard part about writing down the schedule is that I really need to be here all day everyday to try and give her consistency as well.  But, I broke down and went to Babies R Us yesterday!  I used gift cards to get an AWESOME baby stroller (seriously, it even has speakers to play music from my phone-- not why I got it, just an extra feature) and had enough left over to cover half the price of a box of diapers!!  Can't wait to put together the jogger this weekend and use it.  And we are taking it to the beach.

Oh yeah, we will be taking a 9 week old to the beach.  The actual beach part will be great, but are we crazy for trying to take her on what would normally be a 7 hour drive????  I think maybe a little crazy!

I was talking with Keenan the other night and realized that my memory is already pretty fuzzy on some things when we started dating.  Like, big things!  It made me really sad.  I truly think I have always had a poor memory (I know everyone says this, but for real) and I realized that I wanted to remember things from now.  From my life to things with me and Keen to milestones or just daily happenings with EA.  So, I really want to try and blog more.  Even if it is just a sentence or two or some pics.  I really don't want to look back on this time and it be fuzzy!  I would love to use one of those services and turn the blog into a coffee table book.  No promises here, but I am pretty motivated!  It just may take me a whole day of naptimes to get one written!  Ha!  Maybe once our naps get a little longer I can crank one out during a single naptime.

So, I LOVE watching her sleep.  Even if she is not moving, its just precious to me.

Things really have been good.  The first few weeks were hard, not going to lie.  I have heard people say, I can't believe they are letting me go home with a newborn??? and I thought I got it.  But, WHOA--  THEY ARE LETTING ME- SARAH KLAYMAN- GO HOME WITH A NEWBORN?  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.  HOW DO I FEED HER?  HOW DO I MAKE SURE SHE IS GETTING ENOUGH?  I HAVEN'T EVEN CHANGED A DIAPER (Keen lovingly did that while we were in the hospital!)???  I CAN'T DO THIS!!!  I get it now!!!

But, we pushed through and here we are at 8 weeks.  Maybe one day I will do a post about the "real life of a first time mom"- ha!  Don't want to scare anyone though!!!

I am starting to get back into the swing of things, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Once I can add it outings again (once I get a schedule down!) I will be good to go.  Until then, I have plenty I can do here!  Well, the babe is stirring and NOT transitioning to the next cycle so I will go get her!  Once I get some pics taken of 8 weeks (in something other than pjs, ha!) I will post this blog!