EA had her 4 month appointment today at the doctor.  She got 2 shots and only cried for about 15 seconds, yeah!  Later on we went to Sams and this was her as I was getting her out of the car:

Obviously, she got over her shots.  Hopefully that will continue for the night!!!  While we were there, she got all of her measurements taken and she was:

16 lbs. 15.5 oz.  (97-98th percentile)  WOW!!!
26 1/2 inches (95th percentile)
Not sure the measurement of her head but it is the 50th percentile now.

Doctor said she was perfect and was happy to see how well she is doing and sleeping.  We also got the solids talk which we won't start for a bit still but it was good to learn!!!

For the last few days and this weekend we are getting ready to throw a gender reveal party for two friends who found out the gender TODAY!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!  We are so excited to see if its a boy or girl!!!  More pics of the party to come next week!

Some things my sweet is doing now:
-She pulls her hair while eating.  Its seriously the cutest thing ever.  She kind of scratches her head and pull on her hair gently while she nurses!!!
-Speaking of hair, she wants mine.  All. The. Time.  I am now understanding that the short mom cut is not just about time and not having any but it also saves you a lot of pain when it comes to hair pulling!  Here is a pic I managed to get:

Hurts. So. Bad.

-Speaking of getting pictures, she has really started to notice the cell phone.  She has always wanted to watch the tv so we basically never have it on anymore because she will seriously twist her body around however she has to in order to watch it!  Now she is noticing the phone whenever I pull it out.  I used to be able to pull it out and get pics or videos for the "grands" without her noticing but no longer.  So there will probably not be as many pics coming but I don't want her to see me on it all the time.  I need to start being intentional now about that!
-She would not take the paci when she was younger but she enjoys it now.  She doesn't have to have it and even sometimes at naps she pops it out and sucks her fingers (or her sweet, tiny thumb) but it is nice that we can use it!
-With sleep, she is going 12 hours at night and even when she wakes up early (only about 5 minutes early, for real!), I go in there and she is just laying content, sucking her thumb.  So cute!!!

-Her naps are awesome these days!!!  I think finding her thumb and using the paci have both helped.  I think I got my sanity back when she started sleeping longer at night and I think I have now gotten some time back since I am not trying to do anything in 30 minutes!!!
-Her tongue has started going crazy.  Its all over!!!  She also sticks anything she can get her hands on inside her mouth so its just her new way to explore.
-I absolutely am loving this age---- so so so so much!!!!!  She is also very content in most situations, enjoys people and is sleeping well!

We had some visitors recently (Granddaddy and Aunt Anna):

She loves playing with them!!!

Happy 4 months to my sweet baby girl!!!  I can't believe thats it already been that long!  I am loving my little cutie and am so excited that we have the summer ahead of us.  It is already filling up with trips, dinners and showers but I know we will get lots of family time!  We joined the pool today so I have a feeling we will be at the pool a lot!!!

EA is super talkative these days and loves to blow raspberries!!!  She is playing with everything and when I say playing, its mostly grabbing things and putting them in her mouth!  She is starting to move around a bit-- nothing official, but she can roll pretty well from stomach to back and is very close to rolling from back to stomach.  As she practices her rolling, she is able to scoot around a bit.  She is also beginning to dislike just laying there.  She likes to sit up and is very close to sitting up on her own.  She can sit with her bumbo (which does everything for her) and in her boppy.  She also likes to sit in my lap (or her daddy's!) and just look around.  She LOVES looking around.  She has started laughing and I just love her cute little laughs!  I have really enjoyed the last month....she has gotten SO interactive!  I asked Keen what his favorite thing about her right now was and he said her personality.  She just has so much personality!!

She is sleeping through the night and is even going about 12 hours right now.  She will wake up here or there and I will hear her "talking" but she always falls back to sleep!  Naps are actually getting better!!!  She has found her thumb and sometimes, she remembers to suck it during the nap!  Just today she took a 2 hour nap...yes, you heard that right.... 2 HOURS!!!  Last weekend she took incredible naps and today was great as well.  I also am finding myself having to wake her up for her next feed and that means that she is ready to have a longer schedule.  She is moving herself to a 3 1/2- 4 hour schedule which I will LOVE!  That means we will drop from 4 naps to 3 naps.  Yeah!  And the first two naps are MUCH longer!

Here are some pics from our little 4 month shoot (I really need to start taking some pics with my big girl camera- the iphone is just so handy though!)--

Isn't she just the cutest?!?!

I write this post today with bittersweet feelings.  I am going to be leaving my school and a wonderful team of ladies and going to Westminster Christian Academy to a part-time kindergarten position.  I am so excited about what next year holds but I am very sad to be leaving my school and this community.  Honestly, I used to love the fact that I did not teach in the same place that I lived because I am basically a grump in public (I think) and I was afraid of seeing my kiddos (and their parents) at the grocery store and all.  But now that I am leaving this area that is about an hour away from my house, I am sad that I will not get to continue to see them around town.  I won't bump into them and that makes me sad.  There are students who found (or wedged, ha!!) their way into my heart and many parents as well.  Most of all, though, I will miss the friendships I have made along the way.  I will miss my fellow Pre-K teachers, my most-awesome car pool buddy who does live in Athens but is moving to China (!!) for 2 years (remember when we found out we lived in the same neighborhood, an hour away?!?!), my para who not only encouraged me but held me accountable in all areas of life, and my first grade team.  You have all seen me through so many life changes, from being a newlywed to my cancer diagnosis, to my 6 months of chemo and 1 month of radiation, to my pregnancy and birth of my sweet little girl.  I thank you for all of your love and support through all of these--- it would not have been the same without you!

To my first grade team, I leave the known fact that "1st Grade Rocks"- in the real way!!!  I will miss each and every one of you!!!

While I am quite sad to leave, I am just as excited to be starting this new chapter in my life.  Keenan and I always knew that I would need to be doing something even once we had children and at first, I thought I would keep kids.  However, a part-time K position opened up and after praying about it, we decided I should pursue it.  I am so excited that I got the position because I will now be able to be home part time with my sweet baby girl.  I am so excited to invest my professional and personal time into WCA, the school Keen has already been at for 3 years.  We love and believe in this school and what it stands for and truly love all the faculty, staff, students and parents!!  I am so excited to be welcomed by them and to work alongside them!!!

So, while I say a sad farewell to my current system I say hello to an exciting future!!!

I am finally getting around to putting pictures and decorations in EA's nursery. It only took 4 months! Ha! Here are some pics. I still want to get a pic in the circle frame (Keen wants the Easter pic of the two of them) and fix the curtains. The green curtains were not part if the original plan but we needed some room darkening curtains. I am going to cut them off and iron the curtains! Maybe I can get all that done before 6 months! We'll see!  Sorry they are the graniest, worst lighting pictures ever!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to have things organized!  Especially anyone who works with me-- ha!!  They know how much I need that!  When I started cloth diapering, it took a bit to get used to it but I love it!  So much!  I even have others who are around EA comment on how easy it really is.  Very happy with our decision to do it!

The actual doing part has been going well but trying to figure out how to organize them was another story.  EA's room is upstairs as is her changing table.  We have been using the changing table on a pack n play in our living room though and have never even changed her up there.  We used the regular part of the pack n play to organize diapers, wipes, burp clothes, etc.  But, I really wanted to have our living room back, so I started doing some research.  I think I really like our solution.  I found this over the door hanger on Amazon:

moved her changing pad to the counter in the bathroom downstairs, moved the wipe warmer:

and put our amazing diaper pail in there as well.

 Could not be more pleased.  Was a little worried at first that the shelf wouldn't fit all the diapers but it does!  And lots of other things too!!!

Now, we can take care of everything in there.  The only time we are somewhere else is when we give her a bath and we just bring the cloth diaper down to the pail when we are done.  We also keep a supply of cloth wipes up there as well.

Here is a picture of it in use with the cutie:

So, I went back to work on Tuesday, April 30th.  It has been a bit crazy but it helps that my mom and Keen's mom are coming up and helping out.  They split the week and stay here overnight.  They watch EA while we are at school, help around the house and cook dinner (and plan and bring the food for it too!!).  It has been such a blessing!  And we love having them here.  So does EA!

This won't be a long post (have so much to do during naps on these weekends now!) but I wanted to write a bit about what she is doing so I don't forget!

She was 15 weeks yesterday---ahhhhh!  She will be going in for her 4 month shots soon and the pediatrician will be talking about starting solids then- so not ready for that!!!  I have been pumping at school so so far we have been able to stay on breast milk.  Pumping is like its own full time job but its totally worth it!

She is sleeping great at night still!  I feed her at 5am (she goes down at 8pm) and then she goes back to sleep til 8am!  She is doing more and more during her wake time.  Lots of interaction, batting at toys, smiling and some baby laughs!!!  Naps we are still working on but she can still go into her crib and fall asleep on her own.

She has started to really suck on her fingers.  On her right hand, she will suck her first two fingers.  She prefers this.  Sometimes though, she will suck her left first finger and thumb.  Occasionally she will just suck her thumb.  Often, when she is sucking on her fingers, the other hand will be rubbing/holding/pulling on her hair.  Its so cute!  She still mostly does it as exploration, it hasn't necessarily become a way for her to self-soothe, but I think thats coming soon!  So hopefully the self-soothe is just around the corner!

She eats very well and can transition between nursing and the bottle easily so that is very nice!!!  She loves kicking and splashing in her bath but still its not quite on purpose to get us to laugh yet!

She is starting to make the raspberry sound and I think she does it sometimes on purpose to make me laugh.  Its so cute.  I am loving this age SO much.  I am very ready for the summer where I can (and Keen too) have lots of fun time with her.  We are joining our pool here in the neighborhood so that will be very fun!

I will leave you with some pics of my sweetie: