Emily Anne is 6 months old today. 6 MONTHS!!!!  Where did all that time go?  Truthfully, some of the days (or maybe a week here or there) seemed to drag on forever but overall, the time has flown by.  Sometimes I find myself thinking.....what did I do with my free time (especially in the summer!) before EA was here.

What has the last month been like?

-She continued to roll like crazy and now she rolls and will roll back over.  She is not rolling across the room yet but I expect that soon.
-Pretty sure she is teething.  Fun.  Not.
-She is started to repeat something that has made us laugh.  I don't think she totally does it on purpose but I can see that purpose so close in her eyes!
-She can sit up like a champ!  I don't have to stay around her.  And yes, I let her fall a few times (on our carpet and on a blanket) and now, she catches herself if she begins to fall.  She LOVES sitting up.
-She is uber-observant.  She has to look at everything.
-She has started sitting in the shopping cart.  Everyone talks to her!  I can't blame them, she is so cute!
-Nursing has been quite difficult.  It started with her getting distracted, then some teething issues, then some other things.  Any prayer in this area would be appreciated!!
-Sleep has gotten back on schedule.  Yeah for me!!
-She has started talking up a storm.  She experiments a lot with her voice.
-She will turn her head sideways to peer at something.  It. Is. Hilarious.

Now that I actually sit down to write, its hard to remember everything, ha!

Now for the really good part, lots of pictures!!!

Its hard to get a picture that is not blurry.  This girl never stops moving!!!

Eating breakfast with one of Mommy's favorites!!

We stayed until her first nap and she actually got cuddly-- so sweet!!!

Peering to look at the music note, ha!

Also during a peering session.  She leaned backwards to play with the sun.
It was so funny!!

More peering.  She does it a lot when she is in her highchair too.  Especially when she looks at her Daddy!!!

Chowing down on those hands!

Playing with Daddy!!!!  She has nothing but smiles for him!

Look at that ham!

She still LOVES her feet!!!

Concentrating on the tags.

My new hair cut.  Sorry, not a pic of baby girl, but its big news too!


Just playing.  I think she is looking at Keen here.

Just us playing with the camera!

Sitting up in her shopping cart!

No. Words. Ha!!

Today is our 5 year anniversary- yeah!  It really has been a wonderful 5 years.  Sometimes it feels like it has been longer and sometimes I can't believe its already been that long.  This last year has brought so much blessing.  This time last year, we celebrated our anniversary in London (a few days early).  Actually, we got back from Scotland the day before our anniversary so we were probably sleeping on our actual anniversary, ha!

In the last year, we have been blessed with our sweet baby girl, bought a new house, made lots of repairs on said house, each finished up a school year, I resigned from my school of 5 years and have gotten a new position that will allow me to spend more time with our sweet girl!

We have been blessed by one another, have had so many good friends over, watched friends get married, get engaged, announce pregnancies and have babies.  We have hosted Thanksgiving, visited family, gone to Florida and had lots of playdates.  We have had many laughs, lots of tears, some pain and PLENTY of blessing.  Happy anniversary to my love and I am looking forward to many more!

For a long time, I had planned that we would go to Chick Fil A on our anniversary because today was dress like a cow and you get a free meal.  I was all over that.  And I thought EA would be the cutest cow EVER.  I was absolutely correct: