Yesterday we had a women's craft day with church.  It is one of my favorite events we do!  Sadly, I have no pics because I did not bring my camera.  I did not bring it because I thought, Hey, I have my new iphone and can just take and upload some pics from there, but I failed to even get it out of my purse.  Baby steps.....

There were several stations set up and people were doing lots of different things: making coasters, making wreaths, making cards, knitting and sewing.  I was sewing.  I really wanted to finish my Christmas quilt that I started at quilt retreat back in February.  I had to leave the retreat early so I did not finish it.  Then, soon after, we had some family live with us, we went to Scotland, then we moved, so needless to say, my machine has stayed packed up until yesterday.  I stayed VERY late (thanks Mary!) but I did finish the quilt!  Yeah!  While I was there, another Mary suggested I do a gallery of all the quilts I had done so here we go:

This is the quilt top (it has yet to be quilted) that I finished yesterday.  Something I love about it (and true, I got this thought from someone else!) is that is has some black in it but its still Christmas fabrics.  I LOVE it!!!!

This next quilt I got as a kit which means it was several fabrics that were selected to go together and I just bought the bag, cut the fabrics and sewed them according to the directions.  Its my Halloween quilt and I love it!!!  The third pic shows the back fabic.

This quilt is very special to me.  Its the first one I did!  I was going through cancer treatment and Lori (Keen's mom) asked if I wanted to come and it was so fun!  I meet a wonderful group of ladies, ate wonderful food and got to make this Valentine quilt!  So far, all my quilts have been seasonal-- not all of them are, but right now, I am ok that most of them are!  Doesn't the brown fabric make you want to go grab some chocolate?!?!

After doing my first quilt I went to my local quilt shop (its closed now, boo!) and they were just beginning a mystery quilt.  That mean that they told me at the beginning the different types of fabrics (light, medium dark, etc) and how much to buy of each of it.  Then, each month I got a direction of something to make.  Maybe it would tell me to cut a certain fabric and sew it in a certain way to another fabric and I would do 40 of those.  They would send me a clue each month and it really wasn't until the last month (6) that I started to see how it would come together.  I learned SO much doing this and there were a lot of new techniques for me to learn (and to ask Lori about, ha!).  I also ended up picking each of these fabrics based on the border, which is just beautiful!!  And the more I look at it, the more I think about Emily Anne's nursery, which has a lot of these colors in it!

So, this quilt is special because it is the first one I did from start to finish by myself.  I was able to figure out the directions, make the cuts, sew and even troubleshoot on my own.  And, when I was making this one, my friend Bobbie was making her first quilt---yeah!

This was a quilt from my 2nd quilt retreat.  What was so neat about it was that depending on how you arranged the pieces you could make different designs.  This is the design I chose and then I also added a thin and thick border to make it big enough for a twin bed.  I can't wait to use it on a bed soon!

I also did a quilt for my parents for last Christmas but I can't seem to find a pic of it right now.  Maybe I can get one next time I head to Cartersville and add it on here.  Hope you enjoyed your tour-- I enjoyed making all of them!!!