I wanted to upload some of our Santa pictures and I realized I never did EA's 10 month post!  Its about 2 weeks late and I never took her "official" picture!  Oh well!

Here are some milestones that happened in the last month and a half:

-baby girl got her first (and second!!!) tooth!  Its so sweet and she handled it pretty well.  I also realized I had a misconception about teeth.  I really thought that once it popped through, it would just be all the way up.  Ha!  It has been up for about a month and is still only about halfway up.  I don't know why I thought that, it doesn't make sense but I did.
-she is "talking" up a storm!  If she is anything like me or her Daddy, she will talk a lot!  :)
-she is pulling up.  She cruises around really well too.  She used to have to be really motivated to cruise, but she cruises from on thing to another.  She even will occasionally "push off" and stand for about .2 seconds.
-She can make certain noises with her mouth.  (Hard to explain this one!)
-she smiles SO easily.  It is one of the first things people will say when we are out.  She just exudes JOY!  Thank you Lord!  Joy was spoken over her while she was still in the womb!
-She says mama and dada--- melt. my. heart.
-Keen taught her to blow kisses.....ahhhh!!!
-She will also give me a mouth kiss!  So sweet and so slobbery!  Love it!
-She enjoys walking while holding onto hands.
-She LOVES to read books.  Go, Dog, Go is her favorite.  For real!  We have 2 copies and she will pull BOTH of them out of her book basket and hand it to us to read over and over.  And over.  And over.  And over.  You get the picture.  I could recite it in my sleep!
-She likes to play with Boone.  Its so cute!!!
-She will entice us to "get her".  She looks over her shoulder until we tell her we are "going to get her", she cracks up and then starts to crawl away.
-Speaking of crawling, there should be a name for speed crawling.  Because that is what EA does!  So fast!
-She has really taken to baby signs.  She will sign "eat", "more", and all "done".  And she puts her hands together at the beginning when we tell her we are going to pray.  So sweet!

Ok, there is a whole lot she is doing these days.  I feel like she has really hit the age where we can seriously teach her a skill in a day or two.  Crazy!!!  Its really fun!

Now for the cutie pics:

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