This girl will be one on Saturday!! I can't believe it!!

I love her so!

She likes to walk around the Einstein and take a break each time she gets to this part. I used to think she wanted in to play but she didn't! Ha! She cracks up all the time!!

So I deleted a bunch of apps off my phone (talking to you Facebook and news apps!). They were just taking up too much time! So, they're gone. Not even sad about it. I also realized that I can upload a quick pic here and there to the blog do maybe I will post sooner than 3 months from now. I make no promises!!

I wanted to upload some of our Santa pictures and I realized I never did EA's 10 month post!  Its about 2 weeks late and I never took her "official" picture!  Oh well!

Here are some milestones that happened in the last month and a half:

-baby girl got her first (and second!!!) tooth!  Its so sweet and she handled it pretty well.  I also realized I had a misconception about teeth.  I really thought that once it popped through, it would just be all the way up.  Ha!  It has been up for about a month and is still only about halfway up.  I don't know why I thought that, it doesn't make sense but I did.
-she is "talking" up a storm!  If she is anything like me or her Daddy, she will talk a lot!  :)
-she is pulling up.  She cruises around really well too.  She used to have to be really motivated to cruise, but she cruises from on thing to another.  She even will occasionally "push off" and stand for about .2 seconds.
-She can make certain noises with her mouth.  (Hard to explain this one!)
-she smiles SO easily.  It is one of the first things people will say when we are out.  She just exudes JOY!  Thank you Lord!  Joy was spoken over her while she was still in the womb!
-She says mama and dada--- melt. my. heart.
-Keen taught her to blow kisses.....ahhhh!!!
-She will also give me a mouth kiss!  So sweet and so slobbery!  Love it!
-She enjoys walking while holding onto hands.
-She LOVES to read books.  Go, Dog, Go is her favorite.  For real!  We have 2 copies and she will pull BOTH of them out of her book basket and hand it to us to read over and over.  And over.  And over.  And over.  You get the picture.  I could recite it in my sleep!
-She likes to play with Boone.  Its so cute!!!
-She will entice us to "get her".  She looks over her shoulder until we tell her we are "going to get her", she cracks up and then starts to crawl away.
-Speaking of crawling, there should be a name for speed crawling.  Because that is what EA does!  So fast!
-She has really taken to baby signs.  She will sign "eat", "more", and all "done".  And she puts her hands together at the beginning when we tell her we are going to pray.  So sweet!

Ok, there is a whole lot she is doing these days.  I feel like she has really hit the age where we can seriously teach her a skill in a day or two.  Crazy!!!  Its really fun!

Now for the cutie pics:

I can't believe EA is 9 months old.  (And 2 days!)  She has officially spent more time outside of me than inside.  And I felt like I was pregnant FOREVER!  She is such a joyful little girl.  She is generous and loves to hand things back and forth with us while we practice saying please and thank you!  She gets a kick out of it!!!

Big things this month:  She's crawling!!!  And very quickly I might add!  She had what we think is her first big toothing time.  No teeth cut through (I know, still no teeth!!) but I can feel the bumps under her gums!  That was a rough weekend!  She is eating a ton of solids these days.  I am starting to introduce the sippy cup with some water in it.  She is starting to hold it correctly but I don't think she has actually sucked any water out yet.  Another big thing is that we switched over to formula this month.  For about 2 months I have had this heavy feeling trying to figure out if we needed to switch or not.  I just wasn't producing as much.  The first time I started thinking it might need to happen, I had just started my period back (sorry if any boys read this, but I think its mostly girls) and that really affected my milk production.  But, after it ended (after 3 weeks, horrible!) I just adding in some extra nursing sessions and I think it was ok.  Then, this past month it was the same thing.  I added in extra sessions but it wasn't helping.  So, I gave myself a deadline.  I used a weekend to nurse lots of times and then when I pumped Monday morning, I would know if I could continue this or if I needed to start formula.  I did not pump enough so the decision was made.  And it was so nice to just have it decided.  No more back and forth and trying to figure it out.  We made a slow transition to formula and EA did GREAT with that.  It took us about a week to have her bottles completely formula.  I was emotional for pretty much the whole time but I don't think for the normal reasons.  I didn't feel guilty.  I knew this was the best decision for  our family.  I still get snuggles with the evening bottle.  But I felt like breastfeeding was such a challenge for both EA and I at the beginning and we overcame that.  We did it.  Together.  It being so hard at the beginning bonded use even closer.  So, it was just hard because of that.  I don't even think I am doing a good job explaining it.  Oh well.  It has been good.  And she won't be on formula long (thank goodness because its expensive!!!!).

She has started talking so much this month.  All different kinds of sounds.  And she talks to her animals, she "reads" books and talks to Boone all the time!

I am loving this age but I hear I will just continue to say that.  I'm sure there are lots of other new things but I can't think of them off the top of my head and I know you probably just want to see some cutie pictures, so here you go:

This is how our 9 month photo shoot began.  All. Over.  

But aren't those baby jeans the cutest.  Ahhhh!!

The pics describe exactly who she is right now, though.  Always on the go.  Currently, she likes to crawl and have us hold her up to the windowsill so she can see outside.  She also LOVES to chase Boone.  She grins, squeals and is off.  She has only managed to get him three or four times!

 Speaking of on the move, I don't think I have posted in a month.  That's why!  A friend asked about a week or so ago if she had any forward progression and I responded yes, that's why I haven't blogged in 3 weeks.  She is always moving so no way to really even do anything else when she is awake!

But, yes, she is crawling.  Everywhere really fast!  She manages to see even the smallest little thing on the ground too!

Alright, I've been sitting her too long Mommy.  Time to go!

Looking at Daddy.  She loves him sooooo much!

Love this one!!!

Yep, she is standing!  Pulled up on her own.  She does it now and then but this one was pretty intentional and successful.  

Peeking around the corner!

I see you!!!